Charging Fleet Management with AI-powered Analytics

It is estimated that there are over 64 million connected cars worldwide, equipped with more than 100 sensors that create a constant stream of data. However, data is only useful when you have the right tools to...

K1, K2 or K3? GalooliOTO Customizes Its Smart IoT Units to Fit Each Customer’s Needs

GalooliOTO utilizes AI predictive models in order to provide big automotive companies with its Smart Remote Management Solution for connected vehicles. Simply stated, CV (connected vehicle) technologies allow...

Galooli’s AI Driving Behavior Score

With our goal to help fleet managers and owners save more money on fuel, maintenance, and repairs, while at the same time, improving safety and creating less toxic waste, we have developed the revolutionary...

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How to Make Your Battery Smarter

Despite their small size, batteries are vital to your site operation. With the aid of a battery tracker you can ensure that your batteries will be safe and have one less problem to worry about. Our AI based smart...

New Galooli OTO Materials

We are proud to officially launch our multi-vertical Brochure. “One of our core values here at Galooli is to offer customers true value, and part of that is to also provide them with eye-opening insights about the...

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